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Podcast Consultant

Are you looking to join the podcast revolution? Perhaps you’re not sure where to start in podcast production and marketing? If so, then you’re in the right place. We can provide you with specialist podcast consultancy tailored to your specific podcast needs and objectives.

Podcast Production

The golden age of podcasting is upon us. It is expected that podcasts are broadcast quality and the sound should rival podcasts provided by the BBC for example.

If you are looking for professional podcast production designed to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, then Earshot Strategiescan help you make compelling and high quality audio programmes.

Podcast Promotion

Creative, engaging and well-produced podcasts are proving a vital promotional tool for brands and organisations of all industries and sizes.

But promotion is key to to ensuring they have the maximum effect and reach their intended audience.

Podcast Training

Research shows a staggering 52% of people listen to podcasts while driving. This one figure alone shows the exponential growth in podcast listening. 

The rapid rise of podcasts is pinned on several factors, including the sense of intimacy, the power of narrative and the ability to productively multitask whilst listening to unique and engaging podcasts.