Podcast Producer

An experienced professional producer is vital to ensure your podcast is made to the highest of standards, and has the maximum impact with your target audience. 

Led by Richard Miron, who – a former BBC foreign affairs correspondent, Earshot Strategies can provide you with premium production, designed to ensure your podcast stands out from the crowd. 

We can help you develop your ideas and bring them to fruition. We carry out in-depth research for your podcast, including finding relevant interviewees and work with you to create a compellingscript.

In-Studio Production

Earshot Strategies’ producers will work with you in advance, and in the studio to ensure your podcast is presented and produced to the highest standard, using professional audio equipment. 

We can conduct on location recordings, followed by first-rate editing, mixing and post-production. Only when you are completely happy with your podcast will it be published and marketed so it reaches your intended audience.

Making a Mark on The Podcast Revolution

In 2017, our founder Richard Miron decided to utilise his podcasting expertise and founded Earshot Strategies.

During the past year we have gone from strength to strength, helping brands and organisations worldwide create podcasts that are relevant to their industry and target audience.

Contact Us

For more information, please call Richard on or email info@earshotstrategies.com.