Podcast Training

Research shows a staggering 52% of people listen to podcasts while driving. This one figure alone shows the exponential growth in podcast listening.

The rapid rise of podcasts is pinned on several factors, including the sense of intimacy, the power of narrative and the ability to productively multitask whilst listening to unique and engaging podcasts.

Make The Most of Audio Through Podcast Training

Richard Miron and Earshot Strategies offer comprehensive podcast training to help businesses and organisations – national and international, and across a range of industries – utilise this rapidly expanding platform to the maximum. 

If you want to make a podcast but don’t know where to start, get expert instruction on all aspects of production and marketing from one of Earshot Strategies’ audio specialists.

Fine-Tune Presentation Skills

Led by a veteran TV and radio reporter, who spent 17 years with the BBC, Earshot Strategies’ instruction includes presentation training designed to provide you with the skills to create the right sound and tone to engage your target audience. 

As well as providing instruction in presentation techniques, Earshot Strategies can provide guidance in how to record and edit audio for the best possible sound.

Contact Us

To gain the skills and expertise required to create compelling podcasts get in touch with Earshot Strategies today. 

Email info@earshotstrategies.com (or call 07592 508890) to talk about your podcast training requirements and objectives.